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Community of people at Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church

Welcome to Grace

Grace Community Church is an imperfect family of believers who have chosen to follow Jesus. We have found that life on our own terms is challenging. We have discovered that a life lived God’s way brings life and peace. That’s why we rely on Jesus’ promise to lead us to a more abundant life.

Come Visit Sunday

If you’re looking for a church family, we encourage you to drop by on a Sunday. If you just want to observe, we trust you will find a warm no-pressure welcome.

Sundays @ 10:15am

Grace Community Church (146 St + 110 Ave, Surrey)

Children are invited to Sunday School mid-service.

Church Simple Map

The Local Church near Ellendale Heights and Birdland

We are a local neighborhood church in north Surrey, BC. We are located at 146 Street and 110 Avenue, in the Guildford area. If you know Guildford Park Secondary, we're just up the street. If we're the church nearest you, why not stop by on Sunday for a visit?

Faith & Values for Your Children

If your family is free on a Wednesday evening, you are invited to check our group out! We offer a weekly program called the Christian Service Brigade at Grace Community Church.  It's a place to meet new friends and a place for your children to play, learn, create, and pray while growing stronger spiritually and physically. 

Christian Service Brigade and Chief Ranger Jerry
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