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Christian Service Brigade


Welcome to the
Christian Service Brigade

At Christian Service Brigade, we strive to provide an environment where kids and teens can grow in the holy spirit and learn more about the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We offer weekly events for kids and teens, being led by ​the loving example of the leaders to become men and women of courage and leadership in today's society by playing, learning, creating, reading, memorizing, ​and praying, Each age group learns at their level but often play and make friends with​ older peers of good character and example.

6:15 PM to 8:00 PM



5th - Gym Night at Riverdale

12th - Gym Night at Riverdale

19th - Meet at the Church

[*Last Wed. before Summer Break]

*26th - Meet at the Church

29th  - Potluck Dinner at the Church

Christian Service Brigade Leaders

Chief Ranger Jerry

Captain Kerry

Ranger George

Ranger Walt

Miss Alicia

Christian Service Brigade Logo
First Time Attenders

We recommend dad or mom, join with your kid or children and
watch what fun they have. Enter through the door in the back and proceed down the hallway to
where you hear other kids having fun together. Stay and check us out first and see if it is a place
your son or daughter would love to be a part of and that we do hold to the values you know are
important for your kids to learn and thrive.



There is a Registration Fee of $60.00 per child and 3rd child at $45 and 4th at $30.

If you have more than 4 kids that will be attending or just need a little help with this charge,

please let me know. I know we can help out.

Thank you-Jerry

Chief Ranger's Update


Upcoming Events 2024


June 29

Year End Potluck Dinner

Join us on this end of June Saturday evening as we share time together over good food

in celebration of another good year of CSB 4093.


PLEASE email me with the number of people attending and what food and/or drinks

you will be bringing to share.

Call Chief Ranger 604-318-3948

Tree Climbers

Ages 5 to 7 - is designed

so that dad can join

together with his son to

learn of God and the

Bible in ways the boy

can understand with

creativity and fun.

Girls Alive

Ages 5 to 14 - gives the girls

the opportunity to

create and play together,

all the while learning that

they are loved and

honored as beautiful

girls of God.


Ages 8 to 11- is where the

boys will learn of God

while learning skills, earning badges,

memorizing Bible

scripture, making friends

and learning they are

valuable and special in the

eyes of their leaders and

with Jesus.


Ages 12 to 18 - is

where the young men

learn to lead through

the teaching and

examples of Godly

men and gain strength

in their becoming adult

men that are confident

and strong in this

world with so many


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